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Cogar Machine and Welding in St. Augustine, Florida

Then Cogar Machine & Welding is the place to do business, if you are looking for a machine shop or welding shop that you can count on. Call us with your project and we can give you a free estimate. We are locally owned and operated machine shop and custom welding shop located in St Augustine FL. Our prices are very competitive at $50 per hour. We pay close attention to details and have the experience to do welding and machine work quickly while providing quality workmanship. Because we do the work properly along with completing jobs in a timely manner, we have many customers who come from Jacksonville Fl along with surrounding cities. Dale is the owner operator and very knowledgeable in all welding and machine shop work. We will be more then happy to give references and a free estimate for your next job.

Promises Only Cogar Machine & Welding Can Make

At Cogar Machine & Welding, we deliver expert service, drawing on years of experience, with services ranging from steel, stainless steel, and bronze welding to Harley repairs, automobile repairs, and even some boat repairs -- all for prices that compete with the newest and least experienced machine shops. With any other company, you'd have to choose: low prices OR experience. With Cogar Machine & Welding, you get both. We guarantee it.

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